I’mdrinkingdoubles ran two times for Ten Strike Racing at Oaklawn Park in the spring of 2016. Both were off the board efforts and he was claimed away in his second start. He was kept on tracking by the Ten Strike team as they watched him drop to the bottom of the claiming ranks. He ran for a $5,000 tag at Emerald Downs and did not complete the race on September 27th, 2016.

Ten Strike contacted owner and trainer Josh Liber to offer assistance in finding the horse a forever home. Through the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance Ten Strike was able to find him a sanctuary in California where he will live out the rest of his life. He was dropped off at the facility on October 15th.

Here is a link to the website of the farm he is located: https://www.humanityforhorses.org/.

I’mdrinkingdoubles in his new home

Owner/trainer Josh Liber was very appreciative of the help. Here is a text he sent stable manager Liz Crow:

Just wanted you to know he’s (doubles) all set to ship tomorrow and I really appreciate what you and your clients are doing for doubles. In all my 32 years in the thoroughbred industry I’ve never been fortunate enough to meet anybody who has gone out of their way and been so selfless as to ensure the proper home for a horse that didn’t even belong to them. You have given me hope that there are still good people in this business and truth be told I hope that I can be as good of a person as you and your clients some day. You had a profound impact on me and I’m very grateful to your for that!!! May all your photo finishes be winning ones. Thanks for being such a good example!! – Josh

Ten Strike is very committed to ensuring the longterm safety of our horses that we enjoy racing so much.